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Zion Williamson’s Rookie Cards Are Driving the Sports Card Market Crazy


Zion Williamson’s rookie trading cards are blowing up the sports card market. Most of his 2019-20 Panini Contenders Draft cards are impressive and are going for more than $5, 000 just a few days after release.

Williamson Championship Ticket variation is the most valuable of the cards. It features Williamson in his Duke uniform and has a certified autograph in it. Williamson was NBA most sought after prospect in years, and he was drafted as No.1 overall pick by New Orleans Pelicans.

Last weekend, Chris Matthews, a math teacher, found the Championship Ticket card at Evan’s Sports Cards and Collectibles in Voorhees, New Jersey. The Championship Ticket is only limited to one copy. Matthews hopes to cash in his find. He said he listed it on eBay for $21,999
Matthews told Yardbarker that the pursuit for Williamson’s sought-after autographed cards brought him to the shop that day. He said that after opening more than 14 boxes of product at $250 apiece, he finally open a pack and realized it was indeed Williamson card which is worth the price of a new car.

The demand for Williamson card is so high that the company which produces the card had to reschedule the release. Its website crashed after releasing the First Off-Line edition of boxes of the product. The company vice president of marketing said that the company doubled its server capacity for the second release. The website’s users increased by almost seven times.

It’s clear that Williamson rookie cards are moving the market. Other rookie cards with high demand include Memphis Grizzlies No.2 pick Ja Morant and New York Knicks No.3 pick R.J. Barrett.

Source Link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nba/a-rookie-card-for-dollar21999-zion-williamson-driving-insane-market/ar-AAH9pgU

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