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YouTube App Enable Automatic Switch YouTube Music


If you are a YouTube Premium subscriber, you already know how precious ad-free videos are. It is probably why you went for the subscription in the first place. To make life on YouTube even more interesting, Google has now added an automatic switch to YouTube Music option.

So if you want to watch a music video on YouTube, a “switch to YouTube Music” notification will appear under the player window. The banner also informs you that the upgrade is included in your membership. To urge you on, there is a blue tab indicated “enjoy now”.

Once you tap on to the banner, the video that you were watching opens in YouTube Music. However, your playback position won’t be adhered as the video will start all over again which could be quite annoying. YouTube Music also opens in a picture-in-picture window.

Google has surely known how to capture its client base with this undistracted Music app. With some few improvements, the feature would be even more appealing. It would be convenient if the standalone app could remember the playback time because surely no one wants to start a clip all over again when it was halfway through.

The app should also be designed not to bring the switching option when the user wants to watch the video otherwise it would be another disturbance away from the ads. With those few improvements, the app will get the traffic it deserves.

Google hasn’t announced if the feature is available on YouTube for Android so be on the watch out to know if the feature is available to you.

Source Link: https://9to5google.com/2019/09/12/youtube-music-open/


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