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Yankees Frustrated By Indians on their Opener Night


New York Yankees lost 19-5 to Cleveland Indians on Thursday night. Green Chad was awful and got bombarded with five runs.

Green allowed a back to back singles and walked a batter to load the bases before he even recorded an out. Jose Ramirez crushed him a grand slam, and then Jason Kipnis accompanied a solo shot and Green was gone.

The Yankees bullpen recorded its second-biggest loss of the year but this isn’t enough to change Yankees mind about the opener.

Green had a 1.80 ERA and 10-1 in eleven openings. Thus he couldn’t reinforce the rotation.

While putting Thursday night aside, it’s wise to bet that Yankees will get to playoffs. They are still leading in the AL East. Thursday loss was their first loss in six games.

While heading to the postseason, Yankees’ most significant concern has to be their starting pitcher James Paxton. Since acquiring him, he has been inconsistent. He has also shown a tendency to give up runs in the first inning. Masahiro Tanaka is also struggling to adjust to his best splitter pitch. CC Sabathia, on the other hand, is returning after a series of injuries. J.A. Happ has also been inconsistent.

Yankees hopes now lies with their de facto ace, Domingo German. Cashman indicated that he is heading to the playoffs and that there will be no limit for the number of innings for the RHP in October.

There is also some good news on Severino. The pitching ace has been out this season due to an injured shoulder. He will face hitters on Sunday before heading to the minor league for a rehab assignment.

While Yankees rest their bullpen awaiting the next match, they have something to worry and that is whether to start Green followed by Happ. But that is still their best option.

Source Link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/yankees-crushed-by-indians-on-their-opener-night-but-its-still-an-option-for-the-playoffs/ar-AAFS3t0

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