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Yanfeng Technology Introduces Global Smart Cabin Capabilities to Europe and North America


Yanfeng, one of the leading suppliers of automotive with headquarters in Shanghai, has announced that they will integrate their research and development functions in other areas like seating, interiors, safety, electronics even the exterior into Yanfeng technology unit. This is meant to hasten realization of their smart cabin features.

Based on current research, the features include a functional surface, wellness, health, connectivity. All these will be integrated into their systems, which will include exterior and interior parts as well as safety systems.

To ensure safety in the cabin, Yanfeng established their technology and it specifically focuses on integrating digital technology into interior features and related systems. It will include a smart cabin control unit that will direct all other functions and features to create a special experience for their customers.

In support of their technology, the company’s customers will benefit from many innovations, localized support for customers, technology and market expertise and state of the art footprints. All these will be combined with enhanced innovations that have worked globally.

Through their Yanfeng interiors, the company is hoping to leverage its top network of collaborators and other global platforms to enable it to explore major sources of innovation to accelerate industrialization.

The company is hoping to engage key stakeholders with the help of its capabilities and vision. Therefore, they have invited their consumers to comes and celebrate the official launch of Yanfeng Technology in Germany. This event will be compered by a global platform dubbed plug and play.

Source Link: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/yanfeng-technology-brings-global-smart-142700478.html

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