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WWE Should Poach the Following Superstars from All Elite Wrestling (AEW)


Even if CEO Vince McMahon asks nicely All Elite Wrestling’s roster to jump to WWE, most of them won’t. For these wrestlers, AEW is the best they could hope for. It is a well-financed promotion that values diversity. Matches run the gamut of believability, from looking like a legitimate fight to looking a like a meta, self-aware work of performance art. But even so, a handful of AEW wrestlers would be perfect fits for WWE stardom. Here are the five Superstars WWE should poach from AEW.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman

Maxwell Jacob Friedman is the best heel in wrestling today, an elitist, pompous, alpha male jerk with an ax to grind against poor people and nerds. He delivered one of the promos of the year at Fyter Fest. The close proximity to Rhodes nearly guarantees him a title shot sooner rather than later. Could WWE lure MJF from AEW? He knows he’s in line for a monster push in the upstart promotion.

Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy has charisma to spare and the sort of fresh-faced enthusiasm that makes him the perfect underdog. And if there’s one thing that WWE likes, it is proximity to stardom. With some additional time in developmental, Jungle Boy could be an intercontinental or United States champion who comes from behind to pop the crowd.

Big Swole

To some extent, WWE is already familiar with Big Swole. She lost her first match to Zeuxis when she competed as Aerial Monroe in the 2018 Mae Young Classic. Despite that, Swole stood out; granted, she looked a little unpolished, but it was nothing that some time in the WWE Performance Center wouldn’t fix. An NXT developmental contract would do wonders for this rising Superstar.

Britt Baker

Britt Baker has the look, the ring skills and the experience that WWE likes. Also, there’s a good reason why she was AEW’s first signees. She’s had one notable WWE match, as an enhancement talent against Nia Jax and she did her job well. A feud with Jax could reintroduce Baker to the WWE Universe and all but writes itself.

Hikaru Shida

Hikaru Shida is one of the most respected of all the Japanese stars that AEW has hired. Her outing with Aja Kong in September 2018 is considered a modern classic in women’s wrestling. The drawback, regrettably, is the English barrier, which has led to many WWE Superstars getting their pushes derailed. If signed to WWE, could Shida overcome this setback?

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