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World Trade Centre Movie Review


This movie was released in 2006, a mere five years after the attacks of September 11 2001. After it was released questions of “How will America respond?” began to surface.

Both Paul Greengrass’s United 93 and Oliver Stone’s World Trade Center do not dig for meanings and metaphors surrounding the events but return to the literal. Both films represent a return to the immediate experience of September 11 2001 in New York City and much of the film directed by Stone takes place at ground zero. Stone’s sensibility is one of visual grandeur and sweeps emotion and heightened, overwrought drama.

Stone’s movies are known for being detailed to the core and that is exactly what he achieves with World Trade Centre. Following the attacks of September 11 2001, other dramas involving the attacks and these included nuances as the event and its aftermath were pulled into the murky, angry swirl of American politics. Stone manages to avoid this territory.

This film is not suitable for young kids and may also not be appropriate for sensitive viewers and teenagers. It includes explicit images of the towers collapsing and features recreations of Ground Zero, the air filled with smoke and dust and fires burning.

During the early stages, you see a body falling from the tower. Family members of victims are tense and sad, some argue, a woman cries about her lost son, a pregnant woman vomits and characters use harsh language.

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