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Wondrous Oblivion Movie Review


11 year old David Wiseman loves to play Cricket and is obsessed with it but he is not really good at it and has nobody to play with. A Jamaican family (the Samuels) moves in next door one day and they construct a Cricket net in their back garden. David is ecstatic when he sees that but it was in the 1960’s when life was not exactly easy for black people and when inter-racial mingling was frowned upon. The Samuels family consists of Father, Mother and two daughters and they make a noise when they are moving in which is especially the case when they host a party and play loud music. Dennis Samuels also proceeds to dig up roses in the back garden and erects a net the width and length of the garden.

David watches as Dennis and his daughter Judy play Cricket in their garden. He goes against his parents wishes and eventually joins the Samuels to play some Cricket. Dennis soon realizes that David does not have any skills and so he teaches him how to bat and throw a ball.

David’s mother Ruth is pleased to find out that her son has new friends and so allows him to go into their back garden.

The neighbourhood starts to make life difficult for the new neighbours because they are foreigners as well as black. David’s Jewish family are caught somewhere in the middle. David finds himself falling for the indifferent Judy next door who is a girl who loves Cricket.

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