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Wireless Charging May Not Be Possible In The Next iPhone


In less than 24 hours Apple unveils the iPhone 11 or whatever it might be named and now the most reliable source of Apple rumors backs away from his prediction that reverse wireless charging which allows your phone to top up your wirelessly charging Airpods case, will be included.

According to 9to5 Mac, Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo isn’t saying definitively that the feature has been axed but may have been laid off because the “charging efficiency may not meet Apple’s requirements.”

If that’s the case, it wouldn’t be the first time in recent history that Apple faced problems in bringing wireless charging up to its standards. Apple got hit bad this spring when it suddenly canceled its openly announced AirPower charging pad after many delays. Apple’s major competitors Samsung and Huawai both include the feature in flagship phones.

Charging efficiency is an important aspect. If users want to be able to tap two Apple devices together and let them charge each other by a significant amount in a short time, that efficiency has to be high. That task is not so easy when it is about beaming power through the air using inductive coils.

Usually, wireless charging has trailed quite far behind wired charging in speed. That’s why Kuo is predicting that the two high-end iPhones will now be available with an 18W USB-C fast charger in the box rather than the slow 5W charger for which Apple has been mocked before. He adds however, that the slow charger will still be included with the cheap iPhone XR’s successor.

It should be noted that it’s not only Kuo who predicted the new iPhones would feature reverse wireless charging. Both Bloomberg and Japanese blog Macotakara made the same prediction and they may all end up wrong. Apple may be a tech giant but it can’t possibly remove a hardware-dependent feature from a phone the day before it announces. That decision possibly happened months before and we may realize how long it takes for these rumors to reach us.

Source Link: https://www.theverge.com/2019/9/9/20858033/apple-iphone-2019-reverse-wireless-charging-rumor-ming-chi-kuo-denial-airpods

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