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Windows 10 to Soon let Users Reinstall the OS from the Clouds


Microsoft has hinted that soon, there will be an option allowing users to reinstall windows 10 OS directly from the cloud. To this day, one must have a copy of the software already stored in the PC or get the software from other external sources to be able to set up their system if things went south.

However, the chances of the OS in your PC going bad are, as you’d expect high, while on the other hand getting external assistance might mean waiting.

So Microsoft’s ‘new’ idea is to make things easy that it will be a matter of simply grabbing the OS online and hitting install, and you are good to go.

Although still in the test mode, meaning you might have to wait for the refined version, the new Windows 10, what the company calls the Insider Preview comes with a “Download Windows” button that appears anytime you power your PC and go to the reset window.

Mac has seen great success with this so it’s bound to succeed.

Technically speaking this is nothing new because Macs have relied on the same technology for many years now. All you need to set up your machine is a broadband connection and you are able to download a fresh OS copy from the cloud.

So Microsoft is making it simpler that people with little to no expertise on how to partition the hard drive, configure a thumb drive or backup the files in their system can do it.

Top on that, the company said that you don’t have to worry about the existing files piling on your PC’s memory as there is a “delete old files” button you can choose.

However, the fact that the software is still in beta state, users may want to wait for the polished version, just to be sure.

Source Link: https://www.engadget.com/2019/08/31/windows-10-reinstall-from-cloud/

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