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Windows 10 1903 Update Didn’t Fix the Nasty Audio Stuttering Bug


Microsoft had earlier promised the new update that was released on July would completely resolve the audio stuttering issues in Windows 10 that started after Windows 10 May 2019 Update – however, the truth is, it did not.

In trying to define the bug, an article by TechPowerUp refers to the stuttering as “particularly vexing” and compares it to a case of an old Pentium 133 CPU subjected to the rigors of Internet Explorer experienced like two decades ago.

Although Microsoft had promised to deal with the bug (which has been months now), reports show that the attempt, which came wrapped in the July update (KB4505903) bore no fruit at all in resolving the issue; and that some users are still having to struggle with playback audio complications.

Speculations on the Origin of the Problem

It seems as if even Microsoft is not quite sure about where the actual problem could be originating from, otherwise, the update, which the team has been working on behind the since for over 2 months should have resolved it.

Nonetheless, Microsoft’s team insists that the bug could be stemming from some modifications that were done to the (DPC) Deferred Procedure Call tick-rate, during the major update that was officially made available as Windows 10 May 2019 Update.

A number of people who downloaded the update also reported issues that have been linked to spikes in DPC latency, and the company is linking the same to the audio stuttering and the nasty glitches experienced.

Outside software engineers including those at TechPowerUp suggest that driver update might be the way out of this, pointing out that in-systems sound cards could be the culprit for lacking compatibility with the updates on DPC.

Driver Update can’t be Supported Forever

Experts agree that most hardware cannot remain under a company’s support list forever, especially for the products they sold many years back.

However, in this case, the Windows 10 team hasn’t announced whether the issue(s) has anything to do with expired sound cards or parts in a CPU. What is clear is that Microsoft has promised that they are looking to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Source Link: https://www.techpowerup.com/258611/windows-10-1903-has-a-nasty-audio-stutter-bug-microsoft-hasnt-managed-to-fix


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