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Wifi Now Standard On All Toyota and Lexus Models

Toyota now has a roll-out of connectivity features and in-car WIFI for all Toyata and Lexus models. Known as Toyota Connect, the connectivity hub will be housed within the MyToyota App which first appeared on the scene in 2014.

The technology allows Toyota users to a myriad of convenience, connectivity and safety benefits. Toyota became the first organization in the World to offer a mobile App which is fully integrated with manufacturer and dealer systems. It also became the first organization to offer the convergence of wifi and connectivity features in one package across the model range.

How it works

In terms of convenience, Service booking reminds customers when their vehicles are due for servicing and factors in all the back-end elements when you book via the App. The Logbook facility saves a digital log of your vehicle’s mileage and service history and includes auto-allocation for work and home as well as business and personal trips.

The GPS locater gives you peace of mind and enables you to find your vehicle and get a view of your trips. For safety, there is roadside assistance with impact detection, this means that customers have real-time support. The Battery Health Check reflects the live status of the customers vehicle battery health.

There is also a Driver Score feature which rates the scores of drivers and aims to create a culture of safer driving in order to reduce accidents and road fatalities.

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