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Why Cybersecurity Must Be a Priority For Digital Marketers: 7 Basic Principles

Internet Marketing

Since its emergence, digital marketing has created many promotional opportunities for companies of all sizes. However, at the same time, opportunities have arisen for all types of crimes.

Because many types of digital marketing require the collection and processing of huge amounts of data about their customers, this information can be used for malicious purposes, which would affect the company’s reputation and harm its clients.

That is why, for any digital marketer, cybersecurity must be at the top of their priorities and concerns. Next, I will share some basic principles to protect yourself and your clientele.

1. Teach Your Customers And Employees The Rules Of Digital Hygiene

According to an investigation by security firm Kroll, the vast majority of data breaches do not happen due to software failures, but due to human errors and negligence. That is, phishing and too simple passwords are greater reasons for fear than someone cracking your security software.

To face this situation, prevention is the key. Teach your employees to use complex passwords. Be careful when responding to suspicious emails. Establish an antiphishing strategy and let your customers know; that is, state frequently that your employees will never ask for personal and financial information directly.

2. Use VPN

Digital marketing professionals have daily access to all types of sensitive, important and personal data; this makes them attractive targets for hackers and other cybercriminals.

Using a virtual private network (VPN), your data will be encrypted and your actions will be anonymous, preventing you from being spied on by hackers. Also, a VPN allows you to access the Internet as if you were in a different geographical location, which is very useful in case you need to check actual search results in a specific country.

3. Use An Encryption Certificate

Encrypt the traffic that passes through your website by installing a digital HTTPS certificate. By doing this, you will not only provide protection to your clients’ financial and personal data, but it also provides commercial benefits: https websites generate more confidence in technology-expert customers, and also get better rankings in search engines.

4. Protect Critical Assets

Identify what are your business-critical assets (administrator logins, social media accounts, websites, etc.) and install additional protection functions for them that, at least, include two-factor authentication. This will prevent a hack of critical assets put in jeopardy your business.

5. Update Everything Regularly

This is essential with any software you work with. However, it’s even more important in the case of WordPress, in order to remain at the forefront in preventing potential vulnerabilities as they appear. In any case, it’s recommended to activate automatic updates.

6. Data Backup Regularly

A cyber attack can not only involve the theft of confidential information, but also its destruction. That is why you should not underestimate making data backups on a regular basis.

7. Use Strong Passwords

A statistic from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre indicates that, in 2018, around 23.2 million accounts cracked used “123456” as password. It’s advisable to use complex passwords that include upper and lower case letters, symbols and figures. And if possible, change them regularly.

Nowadays, having knowledge of the basic concepts of cybersecurity is no longer a useful bonus; it is a norm and a duty for any specialist in digital marketing. Ignoring these basic principles can endanger the people you work with, in addition to causing possible financial losses and damage to your business reputation. Besides, any company, regardless of size, can be an easy target for cybercriminals.

Source Link: https://www.business2community.com/cybersecurity/why-should-cybersecurity-be-a-primary-concern-for-digital-marketers-02240955

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