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Why attention to detail is a useful skill

These days; the job vacancies that are available in the market are mostly detail oriented and they are a part of the personal employee skills. If one has them, then it is considered to be a very desirable trait for the employers. Though it might not be very important for every job role and industry but in case of most job vacancies the attention to detail part has a lot of importance.

Here are some major reasons a company should use attention to detail test process when they are looking for a candidate for a particular job role.

Great attention to detail means better work

If an employee works with a high attention to detail then they always keep an eye to every minute details of the work which they have been assigned to. They never let mistakes slip by and they keep working till they are not satisfied with the thing. As a result, the quality of work which they deliver becomes much better that the one delivered by the employees who are not so keen to give attention to minute details at work.

Attention to detail can make or break the company

If one misses a small detail, then it can lead to some big consequences. Even silly mistakes in doing something can ruin the image or reputation of the company and this is not at all welcome. Some mistakes in a big organization can land them to some huge damage and most of these mistakes happen because employees do not give much attention to the details. Even smallest mistakes like tiny slip ups, omitted punctuations and printing wring information can have dire sequences. The chances of these can be lowered if the recruiter tests the applicants well before taking them in the company.

The internal processes get better

When a detail oriented person works for a company and when they constantly try to improve their work flow and the processes which make them quicker and efficient then they always tend to deliver some high quality work. Having these kinds of people at work always benefits the company and the organization. This is because; they not only does better but also ensure that everyone else in the team delivers a better job. If one is looking for candidates for a small business or a startup, then one should give special importance to this skill when they are looking for a new employee.

It is not important for every position

When it comes to job roles, then the recruiter looks for cognitive and non-cognitive skills. Now, this attention to detail has always been listed as the part of reliability skill of the non-cognitive skill group. According to research, this reliability as a skill ranges on the scale of importance from zero to 13 percent compared to rest of the non-cognitive skills, and it very much depends on the job position. In other words, the importance of attention to detail is highly dependent on the role of job position which is being offered.

Common ways to spot a detail oriented candidate

Now, what are the easiest ways to find out by a job recruiter that whether the applicant has greater attention to detail capability? Here are some ways to find out:

Resume and cover letter

The HR managers and the recruiters need to spend a good amount of time by reviewing the resumes of each and every applicant. If there are lots of spelling and grammar mistakes, then one can easily send those resumes to the ‘not selected pile’ because if those applicants had given attention to details, then there would have been no such errors. According to research, most of the applications get cancelled because of the typo or spelling mistakes in the cover. There are some more recent research data which shows that 59 percent of all recruiters will reject a candidate over poor spelling and grammar.


This is a very common way to assess the candidate’s attention to detail. While spelling is hardly a relevant skill for a role such as a systems administrator but it becomes very relevant for showing how detail oriented the applicant is in their application. This is needed to be checked because almost thousands of job applicants apply for a single position and by making their application picture perfect, the candidate is sending a message that they really want the job.


There are also some personality tests that are designed so that the recruiters can check whether the candidate is keen on giving more attention to the detail. Testing them is the best method of assessing them and it helps the recruiter to narrow down on the selected and able candidates.

Sample work

If the role is suitable for it, one of the easiest ways to assess attention to detail in candidates is to take a glance at their previous work. As they apply for the given job position the recruiters can ask for a portfolio or a previous sample of what they have done.

Apart from the testing process, the interview can also help a recruiter to find the capability of a candidate. In a face to face interview the candidate has to reply immediately when a question is asked and so there is very little time that they will be able to doctor their answers. So, they will always answer honestly and will remain true to their nature.

Though it is true that everyone makes mistakes yet the lesser that happens one can be better and accurate. Also there are a few mistakes which can be corrected easily. Like in case of spelling or grammar mistakes one can use spell checker, Yoast, or Grammarly and one can easily double check their work before submitting it. But there are some mistakes which cannot be rectified that easily. So, one need to be more attentive.

If the employee gives more attention to detail, then they can submit accurate work in the given deadline and that is what matters the most.

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