Who is best Strategist and what is his Qualities

Being a boss seems easy, but being a good boss is not so good. Directing a group of people within a company requires the awareness of developing at least five great important responsibilities that will allow you to be in a better position in the short, medium and long term.

Within a company, the role of the strategist Bradley Fauteux is of utmost importance to guide and ensure a successful destination and for the survival of the same in time, but there are many times that this role is misinterpreted, both by who is chosen to perform it and who is responsible for assigning it.

Corporate strategists are visionary leaders who produce, detect and manage ideas, who chart the course, create value, design plans and monitor their execution, who protect the company and who, with each decision, tailor the future of the organization.

To get a person to face these enormous responsibilities, you need to enhance some qualities that simplify the performance. These are some of them:

  1. Ethics:

A strategist must not only look for results but also propose to achieve them in the right way. The leaders of the corporate strategy are people who focus on the well-being of the organization as well as on their own and that of all team members. Integrity, honesty, honesty and good example – in addition to good moral behaviour – are critical elements for strategists to guarantee the credibility of those who follow and adopt their strategies. No plan will be carried out with vehemence, dedication and effort, if those in charge of the implementation do not believe in the person who built it.

  1. Discipline & Order:

That misconception that being disciplined is synonymous with being “psych-rigid” or lacking in creativity must be set aside. The discipline is a faculty that gives structure to the projects and that allows to incorporate in an orderly manner new concepts, execute with meticulousness the tasks, correctly distribute the responsibilities and evaluate with regularity and sensibility the results to give feedback to the acting.

Being disciplined approaches the strategists to the objectives, because it places the benefit of the organization as a priority, prioritizes the actions and facilitates and orders the interaction with each member of the team.

  1. Trust & Optimism:

It is literally impossible to create and lead a strategy if you do not have these two qualities. Strategists need to trust the team to empower them in strategy execution and decision making. Likewise, the leader must be optimistic that each member of the team will deliver the expected results, so that this maintains a work environment that does not need excessive control.

Brad Fauteux who believes that positive results will be achieved and who trusts that collaborators will work hard to obtain them, will encourage the work force and motivate action.

  1. Creativity:

Creativity is a powerful asset for planning and confronting problems. The search for solutions, nourished by a vigorous creative force -individual or collective- is a capacity that must be promoted. Strategists must ally themselves with creativity, feed it and administer it with intelligence, to empower it and use it with maturity.

A strategist must work permanently to improve their own creativity and that of the team, delivering instruments and suitable scenarios for it to flow easily.

  1. Good Communication:

Without the proper and correct transmission of messages, strategists, however skilled and capable they may be, will fail. The corporate leaders who are in charge of the strategies need to make sure that each member of the team receives and understands the information, that the communication channels work well and that the methods of transmission of the messages – written or verbal – are efficient.

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