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When to Replace Your Car’s Tire


How will you know if it’s time for new set of tires? There are three simple things you need to know before making decision to buy a new one. These are tread wear, exposed to different types of environmental conditions and tire’s age.

Tread Wearing of Tires

One great way of checking your tire if it is still in good shape is by the use of penny. All you have to do is simply put a penny head first into some tread grooves across the tire. Then if you see the top of Lincoln’s head again and again, it means your treads are already low and damaged. This is the proper time to replace your tires. However, if part of Lincoln’s head is still covered by the tread, chances are you still have more than 2/32 of an inch of tread depth remaining. Most likely you don’t need new tires yet.

Why Changing of Tread Wear is Important?

The main reason why you need to replace the tread wear if it’s already worn out is because of safety, to prevent accident or injuries.

When your tire treads are damaged, your car has a tendency to work badly in unpleasant weather conditions like rain and snow. While having excellent treads, your car will surely keep a firm hold of the road much better. You also have to remember that having poor tread is not allowed in many states. Lastly, damaged treads will definitely make other parts of the car wear too soon.

Exposed to Different Environmental Conditions

Being exposed to extreme heat and sun’s ultraviolet rays has a great impact on the performance of your tires. They can accelerate tire cracking, often found on the tread groove that touches the road.

Tires Age

How long are you using those tires? Vehicle manufacturers in general suggest on replacing your tires at six years. But for some tire manufacturers they usually recommend to change your tires at 10 years. You can simply check your tires manufacturer for recommendations.

It’s Time for New Tires

When it’s time to change your tires, make sure to get a new one. There are different tire manufacturers out there that you can choose from. Make sure you select something that’s right for your vehicle, has reasonable pricing and fit on how you drive your car.

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