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What To Do In The Car During Long Trips With Kids


Long distance trips are something which most families have to do every now and then. They can be challenging when they involve kids as kids can get very anxious and fidgety during long-distance trips. The following are some ideas.

Long distance trips can be especially challenging if your kid suffers from motion sickness. You can consider having them take tablets which are available at the pharmacy and also ask them to look out of the window as this is a proven way to reduce the effects of motion sickness.

1. Classic car games

You can consider playing classic games such as “I Spy”. This is the guessing game where the first player says “I spy with my little eye something” and then gives a clue about something which they can see. Another popular choice is the “Alphabet game” which involves each player trying to find something of each letter.

2. Find alternatives to Fast Food

Fast food is relatively cheap so it can be easy to fall into the fast food trap. However, with some planning, you can find healthier options which will please your kids. When your family is on the go, you should put the options on your list. When travelling, you should keep a cooler bag packed with provisions, healthy snacks and low-sugar beverages.

3. Get out of the car frequently

The key to a good road trip is to get out of the car frequently. On a hot summers day, there is nothing better than getting out of the car and having some fun.

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