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What should you post on Instagram to increase followers?

There are also special apps for food imagery among food bloggers, but if you’re planning on just posting food, they certainly make sense. In general, food in a mixed stream is rather unpopular with followers – especially when it comes to brown sauces and brown colors – prefer to post a salad, especially if you do not want to scare vegetarians.


For good and big Instagram users and social media stars no picture goes online without editing. Only by the right editing a photo of the smartphone becomes a really nice picture for the followers. Sometimes it’s just little things that have a big effect, whether you like the viewer or not.

Really disturbing is often a slate background in a landscape shot. Especially when you see the horizon and the sea. Therefore, always like to align the image and align – often the apps do this automatically, as soon as you tap the function.

In Instagram, light pictures always run better than normal pictures, so always like to put on the brightness. To remove the yellowish tinge from the pictures you just change the heat in the picture. Alternatively, with Snapseed, you can easily make a white balance, as you know it from large image editing programs on the laptop.

Saturation takes color intensity especially in green and color intensive images, which sometimes makes it more pleasing to the viewer. By editing “fade” on Instagram, the pictures are a little matter, if they seem too real and a little more dreamy.

For example, you can create the portrait 5: 4 portrait format on Snapseed , which is often only possible in other apps in other formats. With Snapseed you can even create great perspectives in pictures and change the angle of viewing. For me Snapseed is an absolute Lieblingsapp for Instagram pictures.

There are countless edits that make your own picture unique. Here you may like to experiment a little and try what you like the most and how you want to be seen by others. Some are the critique of the world a bit critical, this is exactly what I wrote a blog post on the fake world on Instagram.

There are people who think that real pictures are simply the best as they are just as they were photographed. However, it does make a difference if you were really there and seen it real, or just seen the two-dimensional, simple and flat picture. Emotions you get only by filtering and editing in the picture. Take a look at the big travel catalogs and restaurant advertisements, as well as beauty advertisements and fashion magazines – the world wants to dream and escape from reality.


For large lifestyle instagrammers, it is very important that the person is visible on almost every picture. However, selfies are usually less popular than full body shots, such as mirror fishes. Many viewers find it unpleasant to be so close to a stranger.

But there are also many Instagram channels, because you do not know what the person who runs the account looks like. Often these are good accounts that post lots of artistic pictures and great landscapes. However, face-to-face lifestyle accounts get much faster attention and new followers.

By the way, you do not have to look perfect to be successful on Instagram. Many people want to see real people and not perfect people and many people want to increase their followers to boost their profiles so they Buy Real Instagram Followers. However, you also notice on Instagram clearly that slim, pretty, blonde women (preferably with large curls) get more attention.

However, even with the large lifestyle Instagrammern no picture goes online without editing. Not only the light mood is adjusted, but also the skin and certain details. For this you use various beauty apps, such as Facetune or Snapseed.

With the Facetune app, swipes can quickly erase dark circles and pimples, and in turn highlight the eyes and other details. The possibilities here have no limits and you can refill yourself make-up or stretch the body shape if desired.

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