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What Is The Difference Between Petrol And Diesel


The difference between petrol and diesel is in the way that combustion occurs. A petrol engine combines fuel with air before being ignited by spark plugs while in a diesel engine, the air is compressed before and then the fuel is injected.

Even though diesel is more expensive, it has become more popular during recent years. This is due to the fact that it is more efficient and will provide you with more miles to the gallon. Diesel vehicles are often more expensive than petrol ones also because they require a stronger build. The engines have to be heavier as explosions which occur with diesel cylinders are more violent than those caused by petrol ones. Diesel cars are a more economically viable option than their petrol counterparts since they allow you to cover more miles per gallon.

Deciding whether to buy diesel or petrol

There are a number of factors which you will need to consider before deciding on whether to buy a diesel or petrol vehicle. You need to think about how far you drive and if the advantages of owning an efficient diesel vehicle will outweigh the higher fuel costs and higher market value of a diesel car.

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