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What is a Financial Planner & How to be Become One

Financial Planner

Talking about a financial advisor means that we refer to the type of professional who has a wide range of knowledge and skills that allow him to deal with the many situations present within the financial markets.

People, who are dedicated to this profession, have incredible skills when it comes to planning, managing, and analyzing among many others to do their job well.

If you have considered dedicating yourself to this area and you often ask yourself, what should you study to become a financial advisor?

What should you Study to Become a Financial Advisor?

As interesting information, it is necessary to know that with financial advice, interested persons require an adequate career for this, as well as a specific one. Usually we talk about people who have a degree in finance or economics. Within them we find that many people decide by areas such as accounting, business among others, however the advice, in addition to a proper deal with customers, demands that the person also possess a high knowledge of markets and finance.

Now, entering the subject and answering the question: What should you study to become a financial advisor like Dwayne Rettinger. You can consider the following careers:


Usually people, who are dedicated to financial advice, are those people who have managed to carry out some type of related career that allows them to access considerable positions and have the ability to direct or make important decisions. Many people to prove that they can be advisors, first require a career, second, they make the decision to do a Master with which they can expand their knowledge.

Financial Planner


An advisor cannot really be considered as such or engage in this work without having the proper certification for it. In this particular case we refer to the EFA, which assures the companies that this person can really be an excellent advisor.


Within what should you study to become a financial advisor? We have a minimum requirement that must be met, and it is of course to have a degree. It is desirable that this has a fairly direct relationship with the area of economics and finance, in this way; it will be easier to specialize and perform more effective work.

It is important to consider that in addition to these careers, studies and certifications, the people who dedicate themselves to this, can count on human and social skills. One of them is communication, since he must learn to express ideas as clearly as possible, both verbally and in writing.

It is also important to be assertive and have a good relationship with customers to have a good data management and efficient work.

An expert financial planner like Dwayne Rettinger is a professional advisor in money management. Financial advisors can provide their services in a specific case such as hiring a mortgage. But we can also hire your services permanently, in which case this personal financial adviser will make a planning of the management of our assets, becoming then a financial planner. It is a concept of integration and therefore, personal financial planning is integrated asset management.

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