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What can we do to Increase the Sales?

Pharmacies, as a highly regulated sector, face great challenges, such as margins on declining sales and increasing competition with supermarkets in the sale of pharmacy.

The resources to face them are limited since they have restrictions when carrying out advertising campaigns and non-flexible sales schedules. In addition, regulation is fragmented, in each autonomous community is different, so there are many recipes, tips, and professionals who can give advice to pharmacists on how to improve the management of your business and increase sales of pharmacy.

In this context, some of the solutions that can be useful for pharmacies are working customer orientation in the service with differential treatment and advice, invest in customer loyalty, improves customer purchase experience, start selling online, strengthen its digital presence and the application of technological tools that ensure a better knowledge of the business.

In particular, using a tool can help a pharmacy to check if the evolution of your sales in the last month is in line with the evolution of sales in your area and sector, as well as to know if the establishment is located in a dynamic or declining area.

Shopping hours in Pharmacies:

The data of purchases also serve to detect the hours and the day’s valley, when a pharmacy has less influx of public. If the owner of the pharmacy reserves those moments for tasks related to the supply and conditioning of the store (order of the products, cleaning, and change of showcase), you will have more time and tranquility to serve customers at peak times ‘and thus offer them a better shopping experience.

For example, you can check your customers’ buying patterns throughout the week, and even specify them by timetables.

If after comparing it with the sector in the area you discover that you have peaks of affluence in your pharmacy different from yours, it is still time to propose a marketing campaign that attracts those customers who buy in other pharmacies at times when your establishment does not has sales.

Pharmacy average ticket:

This will allow you to make comparisons and know if customers leave more in your pharmacy in each purchase than in the rest or less.

Second, an experienced and dedicated pharmacist can work every month the average ticket of your store through actions specifically aimed at raising it. Which? Place products of small amount next to the box, launch promotions/discounts on pharmacy products, change the distribution of pharmacy products within the store, modify the path that the client must follow within the store to the box, etc. After performing one or more of these actions, the pharmacist can check the following month if the action has taken effect.

The average ticket of your pharmacy and the ticket of the pharmacies in your area and sector. This will allow you to make comparisons and know if customers leave more in your pharmacy in each purchase than in the rest or less.

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