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What are the Pro’s and con’s of Using a Freelance Lawyer


A freelance lawyer which is also known as a contract lawyer is a lawyer that does work but who is not associated with any firm. Freelance lawyers are independent contractors who work for themselves and through a written agreement.

  • Some characteristics of freelance lawyers include the following:
  • They may work on temporary legal projects or on a continuing basis.
  • Some may do paralegal work for tasks which do not require a legal license.

They specialize in everything from bankruptcy to white collar crime. They can work for clients and this depends on how much time they want to give to their business.

Advantages of hiring a freelance lawyer

One advantage of hiring a freelance lawyer is the special expertise which they can bring to a case. They also give you flexibility in your legal staff. When you are busy, you can hire a contract lawyer and then when the work is done, you can let them go. You will also not have to pay benefits to the workers since they are independent and not employees.

Disadvantages of hiring a freelance lawyer

One disadvantage of hiring a freelance lawyer is that the person does not know your business and it does take time for someone to understand your processes and policies. You need to spend time giving the person information about the project. Another disadvantage is the opposite one. You will not know if the lawyer is going to be right for the job. There are many excellent freelancers available but it is hard to decipher who will be the perfect candidate for the task at hand. You must be careful and do a thorough check of references and CV’s before you hire a candidate.

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