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What are Soft Skills


Soft skills can be described as a combination of people skills, social skills, communication skills, character traits, attitudes, career attributes, social intelligence and emotional intelligence which enable people to work well with others and perform well.

When negotiating with a potential business partner or investor, most people will not only look at your academic achievements or past achievements but they will also be interested to see whether you have soft-skills.

Soft skills are quite diverse and it is hard to predict what soft skills any potential investor or business partner will be interested in, however the following are some soft skills which you have to have to increase success.

1. Adaptability and flexibility

2. The ability to communicate effectively

3. The ability to work well with others

4. The ability to listen effectively

5. Confidence. This is a must. You must believe that you are capable of achieving highly.

6. The ability to critically think. You must solve problems effectively and accept that they are bound to happen from time to time.

7. A strong ethic. This is a must. You must have a history of being realistic but starting and attempting to finish whatever you set out to do.

8. Good time management skills. This is a must. You must plan and perform work effectively and according to a reasonable deadline rather than starting at the last minute and doing half-hearted or barely decent work.

9. The ability to accept and learn from criticism. Far to many people take criticism too seriously these days and think that it is a personal attack on them. Effective leaders are able to differentiate between work and personal relationships and can take criticism constructively.

10. The ability to work well under pressure. In today’s age, working under pressure is vital as it is bound to often happen especially if you work in the corporate environment or even in the media.

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