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Waymo Looking to Deploy Self-driving technology in Trucking


Waymo is looking to install autonomous vehicle technology in its tracking business; this is according to its Chief Executive Officer John Krafcik. This announcement came this Thursday as the company works towards collaborating with other players to secure its footing now that they have very few human drivers.

The company, in collaboration with Alphabet’s Google, is currently working on robotaxis. However, in a speech prepared for the lasts motor show in Germany, the CEO stated that the technology, dubbed Waymo driver, has potential in the freight sector.

The CEO also stated that ride-hailing technology is an important application. The new technology is expected to make trucking stronger, safer and come to the aid of the industry now that they have a need for drivers globally.

The company has undertaken road tests using class 8 freight trucks across America. Waymo is working in collaboration with truck manufacturers, shippers as well as Tier 1 supplier in an effort to ensure the technology becomes a success.

Analysts and experts in the sector are expecting a decline in the number of human drivers due to an aging society in countries such as Germany. This has led mobility stakeholders like uber to develop tools that will offer efficiency.

Waymo has been in the market for the last 10 years and many view it as a force in the scramble for autonomous vehicle systems. However, reaching the Holy Grail and creating a fully autonomous system is still a big challenge for most companies.

The path to autonomy is long and arduous, and there is a lot more road to cover. Nevertheless, with partnerships and resources, the companies may create a new form of mobility in the years to come.

Source Link: https://www.euronews.com/2019/09/12/waymo-eyes-deploying-self-driving-technology-in-trucking-ceo-krafcik

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