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Walker-Peters Could Play Against Palace


Although Tottenham has won its matches since the opening of the season, the club has no right-back an issue that will come to bite them if they don’t find a solution. 22 year old Walker-Peters played the full back place but a hamstring injury forced him off the pitch.

Pochettino had few options and replaced him with Davinson Sanchez who plays center back. Sanchez did struggle at the position which makes us think that the Spurs boss is silently praying for Walker-Peters’ return.

Kyle Walker-Peters is the Argentine’s best shot as Davinson will not return from Columbia until Thursday leaving him with few days for the clash against Palace. Serge Aurie would have been the most natural solution, but he has also been off training following his transfer request.

That said, Pochettino will have to gamble on Peters as his pace could match up with Zaha’s. The Englishman will also add the attack width for Spurs as his dribbling game is good. Once he passes his opponent he can surely net the ball making him the missing piece in Pochettino’s puzzle.

In whichever way we look at it, all indications point at this academy product. Although he has made only 22 appearances, his potential may be what is needed to win over Roy Hodgson’s men. Peters has also played in the senior Tottenham set-up for years which seals the deal.

What the Englishman needs to do for now is to stay focused and play his part as best as he could to assist his fellow stars on Saturday against Crystal Palace. Pochettino will either confirm or deny the player the right-back position in his upcoming press conference so stay tuned.

Source Link: https://playingfor90.com/2019/09/12/kyle-walker-peters-can-restore-normalcy-tottenham-crystal-palace/


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