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Vehicle to Grid Technology Pilot Set to be Unveiled in Plymouth


The city of Plymouth is set to unveil a pilot program that will test vehicle to grid technology with its fleet of electric vehicles. The city council has collaborated with Cisco in this trial dubbed Cisco’s E-Flex demonstration project. This partnership is expected to implement the project in the city council’s Nissan electric vehicles.

Each of the vehicles will have a bidirectional charger installed to allow them to draw power from the grid and return any unused power back to the same grid when either one of the vehicles is not being used. This will enable fleet owners to cut costs and reduce pressure applied on the grid during peak hour.

As is the current trend in the private sector, today it is important for cities and towns to align their goals with sustainability and develop a methodology to cut down their emissions according to Maria Hernandez, the head of innovation at Cisco Ireland and the UK. This new technology is a win-win for business fleets, council fleets, and the public sector as well because of its ability to transform the way we use energy.

The city of Plymouth’s is the most strained where the grid is concerned. Areas like Cornwall generate plenty of renewable energy. This energy is transmitted further away in the country during peak demand. For any business to thrive, authorities and the private sector need to come up with innovative ways to meet their energy needs while lowering energy costs across towns and cities. As result, the vehicle to grid is an appealing concept for any business from fleet management and commercial point of view.

Source Link: https://www.governmenteuropa.eu/vehicle-to-grid-technology/94528/

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