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Valley Irrigation launches a New System Built upon Cloud-based Technology


Valley Irrigation has developed a crop management system that they hope to launch next year. This new technology will integrate valley’s current tech into an exciting interface that runs a single sign-on platform to link crop management systems.

The new system will run with the help of tools such as AgSense, Variable Rate Irrigation, Valley Insights, and Valley Scheduling. This technological command center connects farmers and their fields.

The capacity to gain access to a tried and tested technology with a single sign-on platform is a huge benefit for farmers. The real value of this technology is that it will equip farmers with efficiency and help them arrive at smart solutions. It is also constructed to expand and incorporate growth in technology in the field of precision irrigation.

This new tool offers farmers greater efficiency. Any existing applications will integrate seamlessly with this new platform and will allow farmers to utilize single sign-on access to a series of solutions.

It also offers scalability options. Farmers will be able to add in new features to their management systems. It can be customized based on needs. It is also secure as it is built on the most recent cloud technology. Growers with plenty of data to store will have unlimited data space to work with.

Source Link: https://news.thomasnet.com/fullstory/new-valley-365-built-upon-cloud-based-technology-40028564

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