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US eSports market in the scope of Thunderpick


Back in the past when most of us were children. All we wanted to do was play and have fun. Fortunately for us, the digitalization had already started, so we were blessed with some of the best games during that time. But honestly, neither I or maybe even you would have expected that the games we used to play for fun, would turn out to be real professions today. Professions that actually pay a lot.

What is eSports?

eSports is a type of “sport” that is completely done on the computer. Weird right? eSports games are just video games that have a lot of competitiveness attached to them. They’re mostly online games, but some single player ones have also become a sensation.

The biggest ones played around the world as a profession at this moment are League of Legends, CS: GO and Dota 2. Some professional players of these games even managed to become millionaires. But not only players are able to make money through video games. The audience has also been given a chance, by an opportunity to actually bet on these games.

eSports betting is probably the newest addition to the betting industry. According to statistics over at topesportsbettingsites One of the most profitable companies in this market is Thunderpick, which is now targeting the US market, which is the host of most of these eSports game developers. Additionally, Thunderipick is utilizing it’s regulatory license to better accommodate eSports enthusiasts, who are now suffering at the hands of traditional online sportsbooks, who very rarely offer eSports betting and on limited games as well.

What about Thunderpick?

Thunderpick originally started with a pari-mutuel eSports betting model, however the variety definitely needed to increase so they have started to feature fixed combo and odd bets.

Probably the best feature about Thunderpick is the fact that the developers themselves are long time eSports fans, which help them connect to their core audience and understand their needs on a completely different level than a traditional online sportsbook would.

Thanks to their license, Thunderpick is able to offer realtime betting, while the players enjoy watching their favorite games alongside the adrenaline of the betting. No matter what the event is, a little more risk always makes it more fun to watch.

The regulation on these eSports betting sites used to be tough as most of the audience of these eSports events are underage kids. Which prompted the companies to make a heavily regulated authentification system. We’ve seen countries like the UK struggling with the rampaging CS: GO gambling websites that had no clearance whatsoever, allowing underage players to make high volume bets, bets they couldn’t afford in case they lost.

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