Ukraine Appoints Former Anti-Terrorist Soldier as New Gambling Regulatory Chief

Ukraine has roped in a former Anti-Terrorist Soldier as the new Gambling Regulatory Chief. Last Week, Ukraine announced Ivan Rudy, a former member of the Anti-Terrorist Operation (ATO) has been appointed as the Chairman of the Commission for the Regulation of the Gambling and Lotteries.

He will now lead the newly regulated gambling market of the country. The new gambling market has authorized the online market in the country. Ivan Rudy has wealth of experience in management, international relations, and finances.

The Commission would feature seven members. Attorney Olena Vodolazhko has been chosen for her role and experience in implementing new rules. Former NATO liaison, Yevhen Hetman was chosen for his experience in managing public and private experience.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine said that the UAH5bn will be added to the tax budget in Ukraine from gambling. In a speech to the parliament, he insisted that much of it would come from license fees. However, the rest depends on gambling tax rates.

Ukraine however continues to crack down the illegal gambling operations in the country.

Many operations connected to the internationally-licensed gaming terminals have been busted as well.


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