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Uber’s Upcoming Safety Tool for Riders


With the numerous criticisms that Uber has faced regarding rider safety, the company has decided to step up their game. Sexual assault incidents have hurt the company’s reputation and the recent reports that Uber forbids its staff from disclosing assault report to the authorities have further damaged its credibility.

The company is now testing a feature that will help riders feel safer when using their service. The feature is a record audio tool that allows users to record an uncomfortable situation during the trip and share it with Uber.

It was with the help of Jane Manchun Wong that the app came to light. Wong is a researcher who is into reverse-engineering of apps to dig out new features. With a track record like hers, the researcher is definitely correct on this feature.

Wong shared on twitter the three options on the safety toolkit; safety center, share my trip and report issue. With the safety center option, a user gets to learn about safety as well as save trusted contacts to be reached in case of emergencies.

The ‘share my trip’ option allows your family and friends to track your location as you carry on with your trip. With the ‘report issue’ option, you can inform the company on any mishap and you will get help within 24 hours.

The cool thing about the new feature is that it is a safety tool housed in the app itself which makes it even more convenient. Once the feature will be launched then Uber riders would rest assured because safety is now in their hands.

Source Link: https://www.engadget.com/2019/09/30/uber-audio-recording-safety/


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