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U.S. Tech Prize goes to Noida Girls for App that Links Old-age Homes and Orphanages


Five American girls clinched tech prize for developing an app that can link kids in orphanages to seniors in old-homes. This innovation saw the girls earn bronze for their effort at an American global tech competition.

The app, known as Maitri, was developed to connect people who are experiencing loneliness or depression with those who are missing love from older persons according to the girls. This App, which is available to down free on Google play store, will also let users volunteer or even donate to orphanages and old-homes.

Developers who came up with this app include Vinshika Yadav, Ananya Grover, Anushka Sharma, and Vasudha Sudhinder. All the girls are in grade 12 at Amity International School Noida. Their goal is to dispel the notion that technology is a male niche.

The five girls visited San Francisco early this month to take part in Tech-novation challenge, which is one of the largest entrepreneurial and technological program organized for girls.

The girls based their innovation on statistics that show that children continue to be abandoned. This app was developed out of their desire to encourage social change.

This technological challenge runs in more than 100 countries and is funded by partners like Salesforce.org, adobe foundation, Google.org, BNY Mellon, Samsung, and Uber. Other sponsors include UNESCO, UN Women, and the Peace Corps. The girls are now hoping to secure crowdfunding and raise $40000 to help them kick-start this investment in its first year.

Source Link: https://www.thehindu.com/news/national/noida-girls-win-us-tech-prize-with-app-that-connects-old-age-homes-and-orphanages/article29270411.ece

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