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Two Yankees Ejected From the Dugout After a Confrontation With Umpires


Brett Gardener has a habit of banging the metal covering in the dugout. But on Saturday, the habit didn’t go unnoticed by the umpires.

The umpires said that Gardner has banged at the covering for the second time in eight days and thus having a good reason to toss him.

However, no one seems to question the ruling by the umpires. The MLB has not given any directive to say whether the action was against the rule, Yankees are also silent on the matter.

Yankees might have learnt that if they rush with the matter, it will cost them and Gardner. Veteran umpire Phil Cuzzi ejected Gardner and CC Sabathia after he came back from the injury list. Boone said he was okay with the decision.

Boone praised the umpires for the excellent job they do by being professionals even when things run out of control. He also agreed that what they do is also being observed and judged at the same time.

There is a perceived view that Yankees are targeting young umpires, there is also a concern among umpires that Boone and Yankees are targeting young umpires. They are accused of trying to intimidate them.

When Boone was asked whether he had any issue with young umpires, he said that he had none of it.

The event following the ejection was as follows; May ejected Boone, then Garner began banging his bat and Cuzzi who was at first base tossed him. Sabathia came out of the dugout to argue and he was also removed.

Sources have indicated that the league might fine the two. Yankees can’t win the argument with the umpires. Boone finally acknowledged that there might be disagreements sometimes, but all must do their duties. He added that it’s good to diffuse issues from getting escalated.

Source Link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/mlb/brett-gardners-actions-in-dugout-will-cost-yankees/ar-AAFYHyk


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