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Trump Inc. Launches a New Technology Centre in California


Trump Inc. announced that they will launch a new technology center in California’s Costa Mesa. The 20000 square feet center was launched as a demonstration of Trump Inc.’s commitment to machine training and demonstration to benefit its customers.

The machines from Trump Inc.’s range of products as well as hand-on training centers provide customers with a first-hand experience of its precision laser, bending and punching machines.

Customer can also interact with the company’s TruConnect, TruService as well as Trutops solutions in order to understand fully how to optimize their manufacturing processes.

It is also possible to view the company’s equipment at their smart factory located in Hoffman Estate Illinois real-time. This helps to highlight the company’s industry 4 manufacturing solutions.

This is a huge step for this company, especially because it has been working hard to come up with innovative solutions for the manufacturing industry. It would be exciting to see what they come up with next.

The company is excited by this latest development, according to its director of technology, Marcel Fink. They are looking forward to rolling it out in the next few days. They expect the new technology will enable the company to serve its customers located to the west of Rocky Mountain.

Source Link: https://www.smartindustry.com/industrynews/2019/trumpf-inc-opens-technology-center-in-california/

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