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Tips for renting your first office space

Renting your first office can be scary and exciting. If you were used to working from home, the cost can be daunting. However, the new space can boost your productivity as it could allow you to avoid the distractions of family and friends.
The following are things that you should consider:

1. Leasing a space or co-working

If you just need to get out of the house, co-working spaces might be the way to go. They are ready with desks and chairs, Wi-fi and often also with things like coffee and snacks. It is affordable and convenient and available in most countries. Leasing an office takes effort and you will also need to consider things such as furniture, electricity, phone lines and a coffee maker.

2. Choosing a good location

Finding a space in rural areas can be challenging. In cities, prices can be sky-high. If you have staff, you will need to get a location which can be easily accessed. If a city address is necessary, you will have to make sure that parking is available and also easily accessible for potential clients.

If you really need to budget, you should consider branching out to smaller cities or suburbs.

3. Size and layout

This may be something difficult to figure out for a growing business. You need enough space to accommodate the number of employees that you will have through the end of the lease. If space becomes tight and you are locked into a tight lease, there are options. If you want to make the most of small space, you can allow certain productive workers to work remotely. This option also might help you to attract better talent. You need to think about whether you will need things such as: meeting rooms, a break room, lactation room, phone booth and other dedicated rooms.

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