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Tips for good networking (Entrepreneurship)

One of the key qualities of most successful businessmen is an ability to network well. Many business owners and practitioners say that they do not like to network because they do not find it effective but this is probably because they have unrealistic expectations or do not know how to do it properly. For some, especially those who like to talk about, networking can be easy. For introverts and shy people, it can be harder. More reserved individuals can also get good at networking if they put effort into refining their skills.
The following are some tips for developing good networking skills.

1. Choose the right venue

Not all groups of people will be good for you. You should choose to network in groups where there will be people who share the same interests as you. You can try and search on Meetup.com for something which may appeal to you.

2. Develop relationships

Networking is not about selling an idea but rather about developing genuine connections and relationships which can potentially lead to more sales in the long-run. The idea is not get to know people and to get them to know you. Many people view networking with the view of getting a client after one visit. That is not how it works. People do business with others who they know and trust and it can take time to develop that trust. You should approach networking sessions without any high expectations.

3. Dress professionally

You can establish yourself as a professional person by dressing the part. You should go in with the idea of meeting new people and catching up with those whom you already know.

4. Be prepared

Take plenty of business cards along but only give them to people whom show a genuine interest in getting to know you. You should craft a short description of what you do.

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