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Tip to Achieving Business Success, The Remix Strategy


In order for one to be a successful business person it is essential that they are able to think effectively and efficiently. The fourth industrial revolution means that ideas are continually getting outdated and replaced by something else.

The remix strategy is one that works well if one is able to use it wizely. Simply copying an idea from someone else could lead to piracy consequences. The remix strategy allows you to take an existing idea and make it one which is unique to yourself. The remix strategy allows you to leverage on the proven concepts of successful products and still have your own fresh feel.

The interesting thing about the remix strategy is that it requires you to find an item that is doing well (because they are proven to work) and they must be related to your niche. You then add a twist to the concept to make it fresh.

The remix strategy can be applied to anything and everything from social media to products.

For example, take soccer fans for instance. Soccer news is something that is widely popular. HITC Sevens is a YouTube channel which not only reports news as do Sky Sports or BBC but they also provide a comedic twist and banter (something which Sky Sports and BBC fail to do) and they have subsequently created a successful YouTube channel of their own.

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