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Three Bad Cars


We live at a time during which the card on offer are fairly good in terms of quality. During the 20th century, people were not as lucky as we are and some even had to drive cars which would rattle apart as they drove. It is certainly worth reading about three cars which were really bad.

3.1984 Trabant P601

These cars had bodies which were made up of recycled cotton and wood fibres which were backed into plastic called Duroplast. The cars lacked refinements such as brake lights and smoked. Their engines required an oil and gas mix just like a chainsaw.

2. The Chevy Vega

The sheet metal of this car was so thin and the rust proof coating was so spotty that fenders would need to be replaced after only a winter or two on the salty streets of the North East. The cars would even rust in Arizona. The engine could get so hot that it could distort the head gasket. There was also a labour dispute at the plant that built the Vega which resulted in employees sabotaging the production line.

1.The Yugo SV

There was not a single part of this car that American people would be able to get behind, from the engine to the electrical system and build quality.

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