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Things You Should Never Leave in Your Car


Our cars can handle severe hot or cold temperatures because it is designed for different types of weather however there are some other stuff that can’t. Cars are designed for transportation use and not for storage use. That’s why we made a list of items that you definitely must not leave inside your vehicle.

Kids and Pets

Never ever leave your child or pet inside your car, bring them with you wherever you go. Just a reminder, leaving them inside especially in a hot weather is extremely dangerous and deadly. Interior of your car is hotter compared to outside temperature.

Don’t leave your gadgets such as cell phones, laptops, tablets inside your vehicle. Extreme heat will surely damage your device processor and battery and besides these are expensive items which are vulnerable to theft.

Sun Block

Chemical contents in your sun block or sunscreen break down because of hot temperature inside your car if you leave it for a long period of time. So once you use it for sunbathing it might not protect you that much.


Just like sun blocks once your prescribe drugs are exposed to extreme heat and sunlight chemical structure changes. And as a result, it will be less effective. For your own health and protection keep them in a suitable place.

Plastic bottled waters

Plastic bottled waters when exposed in high temperature can leak to the water inside. To be safe, you must keep your bottled water in a cool place. You can also use refillable bottles.

Alcoholic Drinks

If you don’t want your car to smell like beer or wine, then you should not leave it in your car. Temperature of more than 78 degrees will definitely change your wine or beer’s composition. As a result, the taste will change too. One more thing, when exposed to excessive heat or cold your alcoholic drinks might have a tendency to explode.

Car Keys

Whatever the weather might be, always bring your car keys with you. You don’t want to lose it especially if you’re in a hurry or worse somebody might drive off with your car that easily.


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