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Things to Do While Stuck in Traffic


Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to go out and shop for your loved ones. Everyone is excited to visit the malls and restaurants to celebrate Christmas parties. Christmas season also means traffic season. Most of the time if you are stuck in traffic it makes you stressful and that may ruin your mood the whole day.

Traffic is inevitable. However, if you find yourself stuck in traffic there are some useful things you can do to avoid stress, irritation and boredom.

Get in touch with loved ones

Instead of just staring at the car in front of you maybe it’s time to call your loved ones like a family member, an old friend or a previous colleague. In our busy life sometimes we forgot to get in touch with them and ask how they are doing. Maybe being stuck in traffic is the perfect time to say hi. But don’t forget to keep your eyes on the road for safety.

Read your favorite book

Sometimes you don’t have time to read your favorite book because of too many reasons like busy with office work, shopping, taking care of the kids, etcetera. Being in traffic is the right time to pick that book up and continue reading your favorite book or novel.

Finish the crossword you started in the morning

If you love doing crossword puzzle you can make use of the time while you are stuck in the traffic and finish it. This also helps when you’re feeling bored in the middle of traffic.

Clean up your car

If you’re not doing anything and stuck in traffic you may want to clean up or organize the things inside your vehicle. Getting the mess out of your car is a good feeling once you’re done. So while you wait for the traffic to subside, start cleaning your car.


Meditate and contemplate while stuck in traffic is possible. Its sounds a little bit strange but it surely is a great time to let the negative energy go. Instead of just sitting around try to meditate, it might work for you.

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