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Things to Do If Your Car Breaks Down on the Road


When driving there are some circumstances that you can’t avoid and car trouble is one of them. The National Safety Council recommends the following actions below when your car breaks down.

Once you noticed that there is something wrong with the car gently take your foot off the pedal and avoid sudden brakes. Slowly take your vehicle on the side of the road. Make sure to make a signal so the drivers behind you will be aware and to avoid accidents as well.

Be sure your car is noticeable once you’re on the side of the road. Put reflectorized triangles behind your vehicle and activate hazard lights to warn other drivers and if it’s already dark turn on the interior dome light.

If the problem is flat tire, be sure to change it in a safe area and far from traffic. The tires must be put properly and correctly. Always keep in mind that your safety is the priority here and don’t rush when changing the flat tire.

You must seek professional help if you can’t fix the problem yourself. Simply lift your hood or tie something white to your car’s radio antenna so that the police or tow truck driver can easily notice you. If your car is near the road, stay away and wait for help in a safe area.

If your car is out of traffic, all you have to do is wait inside for rescue and don’t forget to lock all doors. You can use your cellular phone to call the police or towing company. Open your window a little if somebody offers help and ask them to call the cops.

No need to worry because all interstate highways and major roads are patrolled on a regular basis. They will surely assist you.

Walking on an interstate is not recommended most especially if there’s bad weather condition. But if you can reach help by just walking in a safe place you can do it. And remember never ever cross a high speed highway.

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