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Things About Your Car That Impress Others


In a way your car is a representation of yourself, if you keep it neat and tidy, it may cause people to think more highly of you.

Similarly, if you keep it untidy, people may get the impression that you do not really care much about appearance.

The following are things about your car that will impress others.

1. The Colour

The colour should match the exterior design and there is no exception to this.

2. The Presentation

Make sure that the interior of your car is cleaned regularly. If not, people may be put off by the rain and dirt which is visible.

3. Practicality

Try and avoid driving a two seater especially if you are young and have a large social circle. Chances are that it will cause inconvenience at some point, especially when you need to transport others as well.

4. The brand

Off course, not everyone can afford a Ferrari. However, you should never go for a brand with a poor reputation. If you are not exactly rich, you are better off going with a budget vehicle but one which is manufactured by a brand with a good reputation.

5. The Safety test

The drive must be smooth and without any noticeable defects such as a loud noise, faulty lights etc.

Source Link: https://ufinance.com.au/top-5-things-about-your-car-that-impress-women/


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