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The Top Sports Highlight Website Choices For The True Sports Enthusiast


In the past, sports enthusiasts only had one option when it came to what website they could watch sports highlights of their favorite team on. That option was YouTube. Over the last few years though, things have definitely changed. No longer do sports enthusiast have to rely this one site for seeing the awesome plays of the teams they’re diehard fans of. Now there are all kinds of sports highlights websites to choose from like YouTube. The thing is though, not all of these sites are created equal and some are much, much better than others. These are some of the top sports highlight websites that the sports masses currently recommend.


One of the top sports highlight website options for the true enthusiast is SBNation, which can be found at SBnation.com. This site is a privately owned sports brand that is completely independent of any current media network or affiliate. It offers people the ability to see clips of sports highlights and news, the freedom to read different stories about what sports writers think of current sports moves and highlights, and it also links users to places where they can shop for sports gear and even purchase tickets to a variety of sporting events including the Super Bowl.

Roar Tube

A second top website that is full of sports highlights is Roartube listed as Roartube.com online. It’s a fairly new website, but has quickly turned into one of the top ones since the website is filled with up-to-date sports highlights from events that took place even that day. People from all over the world can use the site as it is offered in multiple languages from English to Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese. The site costs no money to use and on occasion, there are live streamed available to watch, something that is perfect when true sports enthusiasts do not have access to a traditional way of watching their favorite sports teams take the field. A couple of the sports that Roartube provides live streaming and video clips of are Soccer, NBA Basketball, NFL Football, Rugby, and even Cricket.

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is a third top website for true sports enthusiasts to watch sports highlights. Unlike SBNation and Roartube, Yahoo Sports is owned by a bigger media conglomerate and isn’t privately owned. It offers sports video clips along with the ability to host fantasy football leagues, stream some sport content online such as the happenings in the Tour de France, and it has sports writers who have their own blogs writing about sports.


A fourth top website for sports enthusiasts to watch sports highlight is YardBarker that has the website address YardBarker.com. This website has sports content and highlights with a twist. What is that twist, well, the site is more rumor based rather than news based. So, there can sometimes be highlights on the website, however, those highlights will be filled with editorial content. As an example, this past weekend when the Minnesota Vikings Daniel Carlson missed his third kick during his team’s contest with the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, instead of just saying he missed the kick, there will be some added, humours content added along with it that probably makes fun of the fact he can’t kick all that well.


And, a fifth and final website for sports enthusiasts to view sports highlights is Sportskeeda that can be accessed by typing in Sportkeeda.com in your website browser. This ports highlight website focuses on providing clips from the lesser known sports that not everyone might be a fan of. For instance, it actually has highlights of WWE matches, showcasing the insane moves that the WWE superstars made during their contests. Along with the WWE, some of the other sports this site provides highlights of are Cricket, MMA, Pro Boxing, the NHL, and F1 racing.


When it all comes down to it and sports enthusiasts want to watch highlights online, they need to log on to the ones mentioned here. These are the top highlight websites that the sports masses currently recommend. Especially, RoarTube.com that’s become the hot new kid on the market for watching the best sports videos around.

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