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The Signing Of Tyson Barrie By Toronto Maples Might Be a Short Term Experiment To See How They Can Get Along With Babcock


Tyson Barrie trade made headlines and created an interesting debate. Is he that valuable?

How good Barrie will be is yet to be determined, but he has been a prolific scorer from the blueline. He managed to score 78 points in 78 games last season. In 2017 to 2018 season, he had 57 points even though he did not play all the games.

Assessing Barrie will depend on test and priorities. He may play as a right-handed shooter or a defenseman who controls punk and generates the result on offense. But his overall puck possession can be questioned.

Barrie is like Josi when it comes to positive traits in a transition game. Barrie is skilful at controlling the puck and exiting the defensive zone.

Toronto has also added Jake Muzzin to the defensive team after Gardiner, and Morgan Rielly dropped off. Muzzin was useless as a three shoot left-handed.

Though Barrie may not be that useful, at least he will provide Mike Babcock with a chance to prove his worth. In theory, Babcock will try to use his experience to get out the best out of Barrie.

Though all this is imagination, Babcock could make use of the situation when in a good position. He can balance between Barrie aggressiveness and create a safer play. It’s also essential that Babcock shows patience with Barrie. He is a tough guy who can drive a coach mad.

The signing of Barrie might be a short term experiment. So Babcock needs to get ready for the test and use Barrie as a catalyst for the awaited result.

Source Link: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nhl/tyson-barrie-is-a-big-x-factor-for-maple-leafs/ar-AAGpFnw


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