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The Night Before Review


The Night before is another Seth Rogen movie which features some genuine funny moments and others which are failures. Throughout the comedy, Rogen’s character and his best friends speak repeatedly of their last bash. It makes us wonder whether this is Rogen’s last party style movie.

The movie opens with a Christmas tale animation which is narrated by Tracy Morgan and we learn of three best friends namely Ethan (Joseph Gordon Levitt), Isaac (Seth Rogen) and Chris (Anthony Mackie). The friends have spent Christmas eve together for more than a decade since Ethan lost his parents and they do their best to have as much fun as possible which acting like idiots. They do whatever it takes to make this holiday more memorable than the last.

Isaac has a loving wife who is into her third trimester. He is about to become a father for the first time and there can be no more holiday debauchery. Chris is dealing with an issue on the football field. He has been using steroids as he recognizes that a 34-year-old athlete is past his best days. He is more concerned with his social media following than his real life. Ethan recently split from Diana after he refused to meet her parents. He not so secretly wants her back.

Miley Cyrus makes a guest appearance late on during the movie to remind us that “wrecking ball” is a perfect dance song. The Night Before has enough bad jokes to make you wonder whether Rogen should have considered breaking into a new genre. However, it has a strong ending and the last half hour is perhaps the best part of the movie. You will also most likely remember the movie for the funny scenes, in the end we do not remember mundane things well after all.

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