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The Most Popular Digital Marketing Job Roles in the United Kingdom

Internet Marketing

In order to determine the most popular and most searched digital marketing jobs in the United Kingdom, digital marketing company rebootonline.com conducted an investigation on that matter.

For this study, the company took a range of job roles related to digital marketing, such as Data Analyst, Content Manager, Head of Commerce, and others. Then, proceeded to insert them into the keyword analysis section of marketing tool SEM Rush, and pulled each variation of keywords attributed to each job role.

Based on the results provided by the tool, it was possible to calculate how many people are searching for different job roles.

To give an example: for Data Analyst role were used variations of keywords such as “data analyst jobs”, “how to become data analyst UK ” and “data analyst salary”. Based on the resulting data, the final monthly search volume total was created.

The Most Popular Jobs

The investigation showed that Data Analyst is the most popular and most researched digital marketing job role, with 9,540 individual online searches per month. Other popular roles include Social Media Manager (7,560), UX Designer (2,500), Digital Marketing Manager (2,170) and Content Manager (2,090 searches). The popularity of the latter is in decline, despite registering high search volumes.

On the other hand, the study also determined that the roles with less interest are: Head of Electronic Commerce (400), Digital Product Owner (310) and CRO Manager (170 searches).
Jobs with Increasing Popularity

According to the obtained data, the digital marketing roles that have registered a popularity increase are:

1. Data analyst
2. UX designer
3. Influencer Marketing
4. Digital Product Owner

Of these roles, the one that has experienced the greatest increase in interest is UX Designer. On that matter, Oliber Sissons, SEO Manager at rebootonline.com, commented:

“UX Design is experiencing great growth because it’s becoming more important for small and large companies. Business owners are increasingly better informed about what it takes to succeed online; they know that you have to ensure customers should enjoy while using their websites. ”

Jobs with Decreasing Popularity

On the other hand, the investigation revealed that the digital marketing jobs that have a popularity drop are:

1. Content manager
2. PPC Manager
3. CRO Manager

Based on obtained data, one of the most notable drops is the PPC Manager role. About that, Abby Chinery, Content Manager at rebootonline.com, said:

“While the importance of genuine and useful content is increasing, whether for the public or for Google, paying to get to the top does not guarantee conversions, or the user’s connection with the content. Besides, PPC campaigns are expensive and their effects are not as durable as those of SEO strategies.”

Source Link: https://therealtimereport.com/2019/08/27/most-popular-digital-marketing-jobs/

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