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The House involves improvisational comedy which is symbolic of a Will Ferell production. Ferell and Amy Poehler start as two regular American parents who are forced to take desperate measures to raise cash after her daughter has her College scholarship taken away from her. They decide to start an illegal casino in the mansion of their best friend who is a gambling addict.

Things do not go according to plan and eventually, the Casino becomes a bare-knuckle boxing and coke binging den. The film at times was funny. Ferell is an old hand at this genre and can turn a lot of situations and make them funny.

Ultimately, however the acting ability of Ferell and Poehler were wasted by a rather mundane script. Several thousand dollars away from reaching their goal, the couple end up being caught by the Police who confiscate their money and order that they close the casino. They continue the business and the house burns down after it was invaded by Tommy Papouli whom the couple set on fire by accident. The couple retrieve the money back from Bob who stole it from them. While trying to steal the money back from the couple, Bob reveals his plan to steal money from the city. He is eventually arrested and the movie ends with the couple using the money to pay for their daughters college fees.

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