The Body of Las Vegas Financier Jimmy Hoffa Could Show up at Any Time

Finally it appears that the body of the main financier of Las Vegas casinos could emerge from his uncertain grave, where he has been buried for 45 years. Apparently, two veteran journalists have managed to find the place where the body of the legendary unionist and gangster, Jimmy Hoffa, rests.

The murder of Hoffa, who was president of the International Brotherhood of Truckers (IBT), between 1957 and 1971, is linked to the mafia. The union leader helped gangsters get their hands on Sin City and gave millions of dollars in illegal loans to casino builders.

The money was taken from the Central States Pension Fund attached to the union managed by Hoffa. In 1975 he disappeared suddenly and all avenues of the criminal investigation opened since then point to the mafia. Only no one claimed responsibility for Hoffa’s murder and his body was never found.

But now the investigation of two Fox News journalists who have tracked down the case appears to be conclusive.

The life and death of the union mobster has been the subject of numerous Hollywood films. One of these films (Hoffa) starred Jack Nicholson and more recently director Martin Scorsese presented The Irishman (2019), played by Robert De Niro.

Again the interest in finding Hoffa’s body was revived.

There are multiple theories surrounding Hoffa’s death. It is said that he was murdered by a friend, but also that he may have been “beaten” by a mafia hit man.

Fox journalists Eric Shawn and Dan E. Moldea were tasked with investigating Hoffa’s disappearance for a new documentary.

During the investigation, the two discovered what appears to be the exact place where Hoffa’s body rests.

Since 1978, when he published an article titled The Hoffa Wars, Moldea has been documenting the controversial disappearance of the casino sponsor.

During their investigation, both journalists interviewed the man who claimed to know where Hoffa is buried. This is Frank Cappola, son of Paul Cappola, who would have been hired to bury the controversial unionist.

Mr. Frank learned from his father where Hoffa’s body was buried, but vowed to keep it secret. Upon learning that he would soon die, Frank decided to break that vow and reveal the secret of one of America’s most controversial murders.

Reports indicate that Hoffa would be buried in an 88-acre landfill in New Jersey. The property previously belonged to Genovese Crime family mobster Phil “Brother” Moscato and Paul Cappola. Hoffa was reportedly shoved into a 55-gallon steel drum, and other drums were thrown over him until he was buried.

The site was visited by the two journalists and with the help of ground penetrating radar they were able to detect a series of “round anomalies” in the same place where Cappola said the body was dumped.

“Frank’s story is the best story I have heard about this case in the 44 years since I started investigating the Hoffa murder,”

Moldea said without hiding his joy.

The body of Las Vegas’ main financier has not been able to be exhaustively searched because New Jersey state law prohibits excavations of corpses linked to the mob.

Fox will have to wait before obtaining the necessary help from the police to continue with the investigation that would lead to the clarification of the case, or at least to find the body of Hoffa.


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