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The Best Bitcoin Destinations For Travel Enthusiasts

The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Investing
The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Cryptocurrency Investing

In a world where everything is changing so rapidly, many want to be a part of that change, while others seek to destroy it. One of the newest trends that is sweeping the world is Bitcoin, otherwise known as cryptocurrency. A virtual currency that is on its course to changing the world as we know it. Payments will be much faster, smoother and even more secure. There are even ways to receive money anonymously without using banks, which scares much of the corporate world. This can be difficult for many out there that have fallen in love with this new concept, as others will stop at nothing to bring this world-wide revelation to its knees. If you are a lover of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency alike, then here are some splendid safe havens for you to enjoy and flourish in your newfound appreciation.

Japan- Japan not only supports cryptocurrency as a whole, but it has almost even been intertwined in its modern culture. Japanese pop bands like “Virtual Currency Girls” have become big hits in Japan. Not only do they have a catchy tune, but they also give insight to cryptocurrencies and explain them. Japan has many exchange platforms to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, even with multiple stores now accepting payment through bitcoin. They are also one of the main countries that has legalized ICO’s, or “Initial Coin Offerings”. Tokyo has always been rich with its technological culture and gaming. So, if you are big into Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency world, then Japan might be the perfect place for you.

The United Kingdom- The UK has grown increasingly supportive of Bitcoin over the years. Coinbase and the UK are actually working together to make payments even faster for those in the UK. In the UK they offer an app called “Dust” that acts as a similar app “Acorns” acts, but instead of just transferring spare change after purchases and saving them or putting them into stocks, Dust goes a step further and can even convert the spare change to a cryptocurrency of your choice, whether it be Bitcoin or multiple other coveted cryptocurrencies. You could even go sight-seeing and visit the Tower of London, maybe even get a chance to meet the Queen herself. You may enjoy history or fine art, in which England is chock full of castles and elegant art galleries, such as the Windsor Castle and the National Gallery. They are also renowned for their plays.

The United States-Much of the United States supports cryptocurrency and has multiple exchanges that are accessible to buying and selling many different types of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is considered legal in the U.S. and even offers some places where you can make purchases through bitcoin at some stores and services. Each state also has their own state laws, so some states may even be more supportive of it than others. The U.S. also has a vast amount of history and exciting things to do and see. There is always something to do!

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