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Teslaquilla soon to be available in stores


Elon Musk is one of the most charming philanthropists in the world today. he used to be just a kid from South Africa. But eventually he grew into the youngling that created PayPal, the man that revolutionized the automobile industry with Tesla, and the Billionaire to privatize space.

No wonder he has been one of the most popular billionaires in the world since his migration to Twitter. Elon Musk is one of the most recognizable people in the world today. Some of his fans are so diehard that they even criticized the SEC when it accused Musk of fraud because of his tweets about Tesla shares.

The billionaire South African was actually given a personal manager who looks after his tweets and filters them so that the company doesn’t suffer anymore from Musk’s transparency. Because of Musks tweets, Tesla had to suffer a lot of backlash from investors and shareholders. It had to suffer from share price fluctuations and overall chaos in terms of legality and investor relations. Musk has already been removed as the Chairman of the automobile company and fined with $20 million. Most of his fans have outraged over the pettiness of the SEC, but in this case, the fine was not unsolicited.

What Musk is up to now

After the whole ordeal with Tesla, people started to think about what Musk would venture out into next. Most of his fans expected him to pay a lot more attention to SpaceX and further develop plans of the company to make planet Mars the next safe haven for mankind. However, the young billionaire had other plans and decided to start showcasing his new product, which is a flamethrower by the way.

Must have been described as a person who doesn’t care anymore. Who isn’t really bothered by the day to day struggle of regular people and does what he wants. Most of his fans would disagree until they heard about his new venture for Teslaquilla. The automobile company has confirmed the whole thing and looks to be quite welcoming to the news. Elon Musk is essentially the founder of the company, he is still part of it even though he lost his position as chairman. Should he be criticized about the whole thing, he can just say that it is a creative marketing strategy, which in all honesty, it is.

News has started to circulate that the product will soon be available to purchase in regular stores, but for now, it is only available exclusively for people who order it online.

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