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Tesla Launches Car Insurance Product, Spends Next 24 Hours Fixing it

Tesla launched its in-house car insurance product on Wednesday 28, August, but a few hours later, the firm stopped issuing rate quotes and suspended access to the insurance website.

The site was live again as of BP ET on Thursday 29, August. However, some people weren’t pleased with the results even when the site was previously working.

Tesla said those two things were actually related and that there were “bugs” that were affecting some website visitors’ rate quotes, though the company declined to specify beyond that.

The firm’s insurance mini-website launched at about about 3PM ET on Wednesday, but customers reported trouble accessing the site within just a few hours. At 6:49PM ET, the company tweeted it was “making some updates to Tesla Insurance” and that the service would “be back online shortly.”

Seventeen minutes later, the automotive company tweeted again that there was an “Algorithm update in progress.” That same language also displays if you try to click on the link that initially took people to the Tesla Insurance mini-site.

Both Tesla’s subreddit and the company’s owner forums are filled with posts from consumers who claim they received quotes that were higher than expected.

That seemed to have disappointed some customers since the firm promised to offer rates that were up to 20% lower than the competition, though those angry customers didn’t provide evidence of the comparisons they were bemoaning about.

The insurance product may grant Tesla a way to establish larger margins with an offering that doesn’t require too much money to set up like the process of designing and manufacturing cars. For now, the hiccup with the website can only be seen as those challenges you encounter when starting up a new business.

Source Link: https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/29/20839607/tesla-car-insurance-broken-high-rate-quotes-california


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