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Tesla Car Owners in Australia Will Have A Web Browser Onboard Their Vehicle


A big announcement by Tesla to all of its Australian customers: Tesla will soon be delivering an over-the-air update to its Tesla car software in which the car owners can be able to enjoy a native Tesla web browser. This web browser will work like any other on our PC’s or smartphones, and the Tesla owners can be able to do all-things-web pretty easily. But there is a minor catch (or a requirement in fact) the new aforementioned web browser will only be accessible for Tesla Model S, Model X, and the brand-new Model 3 cars, respectively. Anyone owning an older version of Tesla car might not be able to enjoy the onboard Tesla web browser.

There is one thing more to note about the new web browser in Tesla 9 Software version update, it will work only when the car is parked. This restriction of usage is well due to the safety concern of the driver. The web browser in Tesla 9 update is expected to replicate the famous web browser Google Chrome, made by the search engine giant Google back in 2008.

So, if the browser will be based on Chrome then surely the drivers of the said Tesla models will be able to use online Google services as well, such as Google Maps. It is also worth noticing that the web browser will be able to play YouTube and Netflix as well, the Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed in a tweet. The new software upgrade for Tesla car will also bring new features, more games, and a Dog mode as well.

Source Link: https://www.techguide.com.au/news/cars/australia-tesla-owners-will-now-onboard-web-browser/

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